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Best Exam Tips for IIT-JEE Preparation

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For applicants who desire to pursue engineering at one of the IITs, passing JEE Main and JEE Advanced are two prerequisite exams. To gain admission to the prestigious engineering schools IITs, NITs, and others, about 9.5 lakh applicants sit the JEE exam each year. Search for the best coaching institute for iit jee in agra.

One of the most difficult exams, this one requires the right preparation approach.. Even while tutoring is quite beneficial, it is one of the key components to passing the JEE. Also one can join best coaching for jee in agra

JEE Main is an online test with a goal-oriented format, as can be seen by taking a quick look at it. 90 questions total will be asked. The physics, chemistry, and math sections each have 30 problems. In addition to 10 numerical questions, there will be 20 MCQs (multiple choices questions). Students may tackle any 5 of these 10 questions of a numerical nature.

Tiny adjustments could have a big impact on how your life is changed. Here are a few recommendations you ought to keep in mind because they will greatly enhance your JEE preparation if followed appropriately.

Table Of Content:

  1. Best Exam Tips for IIT-JEE Preparation
  2. Preparation Tips for JEE
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ’s

Preparation Tips for JEE

Learn NCERT First

The basis for JEE Main, the NCERT books, are a good place to begin. Use the NCERT texts to establish a strong foundation for concepts and theories. You should be aware that the NCERT textbooks make up 60–70% of the JEE Main exam. Possessing a thorough comprehension of the subject matter is essential for JEE preparation. When you’ve finished reading these novels, start citing other books.

Select the Appropriate Reference Books

Reference volumes provide a wide range of topics, from straightforward application-based questions to more complex ones.

Learn Online

The ability to access information on the internet is now very simple. On your computer or smartphone, you can explore a variety of websites that provide educational information and study resources.

You can also get study tips, watch live and recorded video tutorial sessions, download chapter-by-chapter PDFs for every subject, etc. You will learn more from them, which will improve your test-taking performance.

Revise Daily and Clear Doubts

As you practice, your memory will improve. The revision will strengthen your accuracy and problem-solving skills while also helping you remember formulas and important facts. Never let your questions go unanswered. Talk to your instructors, friends, or other helpful people about your concerns and questions. Make sure that you comprehend each idea.

Solve JEE Previous year question papers

It is crucial to practice answering JEE previous year’s exam questions. Using this, you can obtain a general idea of the structure of the questions and the scoring methodology for each subject. Examining prior exam questions can help students improve their problem-solving speed. Students can easily access older questions and answers online. The sources listed below allow you to get these for free as well.

Mock exams

On the National Testing Agency’s (NTA) official website, practice exams are accessible. These are also available on the websites of other educators. You will become more accustomed to the test as you take more mock tests.

You’ll be able to relax and approach the exam with more confidence as a result.

Make an effort to finish the test in the allocated time. You can do this to improve your capacity for problem-solving and time management. After each practice test, evaluate your performance. By identifying your weaknesses in this way, you can improve on your subsequent attempts.

Make concise revision notes

As you study, it’s a good idea to take some quick notes of your own. Key details, shortened paths, and formulas should be included. These notes will come in very handy for you if you just have a short time before the exam. Reviewing these notes will help you remember important ideas and calculations.

The Right Mentality

Positivity is the best attitude to have. a belief in oneself. Always keep the big picture in mind. These posters might be displayed throughout your space, and you could take in motivational speakers. Periodically, your motivation will be low. Remain optimistic. Regular exercise and a healthy diet both contribute to being in a relaxed attitude. Steer clear of TV and online time wasters.


Still time to act. Be upbeat and begin your forward-moving task. Understanding the fundamentals and following the appropriate plan are crucial to success in JEE Main and Advanced. Using the suggestions above, create your own special strategy. If you follow your plan closely, you will surely get accepted to your dream college.


Q1: How can we manage our time while studying for the NEET?

Time management tips for JEE – Start with resolving the simple questions, and if you are unable to find the solution, save the difficult ones for the last attempt. To give yourself additional time to complete Physics and Chemistry, aim to finish your primary subject as quickly as you can.

Q2: Do you have enough time to prepare for the JEE in a month?

Both class 11 and class 12 subjects are covered in the JEE syllabus. Students frequently start preparing for the JEE exam two years in advance. It’s challenging to cover such a huge course in a month. However, one can always aspire to pass the JEE if they have a firm knowledge of the fundamentals, as well as creative ideas and a focused strategy.

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