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between French education and international openness

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education and international openness


The stated ambition of La Petite Ecole has always been to offer the best of French education to the children of the world. Approved by the Ministry of National Education since 2013, La Petite Ecole Singapore teaches the French program of National Education, in French and in English . For each class from Very Small Section to CP, two native teachers provide lessons, each in their mother tongue.

The pedagogy of La Petite Ecole Singapore revolves around the 5 areas of competence of the French program:
– mobilizing language in all its dimensions;Guaranteeing the best human and pedagogical resources in the best possible environment is the main mission of La Petite Ecole Singapore. But beyond the reputation of excellence of the French program, the development of each child in French and English remains the priority objective of La Petite Ecole.

In addition, in order to maintain a level of quality teaching, the teaching team benefits from training throughout the year, internally but also within the framework of a partnership with the AEFE (Agence pour l’enseignement French abroad).

International openness and family atmosphere

Through a multicultural teaching team and a community of international families , openness to the world is a priority for La Petite Ecole Singapore. For children who are born and grow up in a country other than the country of origin of their parents, this openness allows this ” third culture ” to flourish.

Bilingual school in French and English , La Petite Ecole Singapore is located in lush greenery, in Bukit Timah. The school welcomes families from all walks of life and is open to its host country, its language and its culture. This year, the school has about 130 students.La Petite Ecole Singapore combines the welcome of a family structure and a philosophy promoting autonomy, curiosity and motivation through the use of new technologies. Play and manipulation play an essential role in the learning device and the stimulation of children.The development of the
With an innovative and unique educational system , La Petite Ecole Singapore places the child at the heart of learning.The main assets of the philosophy of La Petite Ecole Singapore:

– encourage the child’s natural creativity ;

– use new technologies to make the child an actor in his learning, promote his autonomy, his curiosity, his
– communicate with parentsby involving the child (use of a private and secure application, a real window on the life of the child in the school);
– membership of the international school network of the Odyssey group which, throughout the world, combines French academic excellence and the dynamism of international schools.

Today, neuroscience allows us to understand the key success factors for children: a serene environment and benevolent stimulation . In this context, La Petite Ecole Singapore makes every effort to ensure the well-being of each child by offering support as close as possible to their needs.

Registrations are open!

So, if you are looking for a bilingual education in French and English, both demanding and benevolent, all in a family structure, don’t wait and join La Petite Ecole Singapore ! Registrations for the year 2022-2023 are open.

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