June 24, 2024

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Am I using the right methods? Will I be able to hold it all back? Am I going to succeed?
These are the questions that many students ask themselves.
Methods and advice suitable for everyone exist. To study well, it is first of all to know oneself well. Being efficient means getting organized and choosing work methods that suit you, and you will get results that live up to your expectations.You are studying with the aim of passing an exam, it is important to analyze the time you have until the tests and to organize yourself accordingly, this allows you not to revise at the last moment. Testing your concentration skills will allow you to study more effectively, knowing your own limits before you start.

1. Be and stay positive

Tell yourself and repeat to yourself that you are going to succeed because you like this apprenticeship which will allow you to practice the profession you envision for you.

Don’t worry about other students. Keep in mind that each individual has their own pace, don’t compare yourself to others. Work as it suits you according to your ability to concentrate.
Don’t focus on the results you need to get; it brings stress. Focus your positive energy on your studies and the methods you will use and adapt for yourself.

2. Prepare a work plan

You know the number of materials you need to work on and your concentration limits:

Design a study and revision agenda in full awareness of your ability to concentrate.
Define your work by month, week and day for each subject. By getting organized, you will save a lot of time and greatly reduce your stress.
Make a specific list of what you will study in relation to your schedule during the session and check it off as you go.
Don’t forget to include time in your schedule to clear your mind , breathe, walk or exercise at least three times a week.

Stick to your work and play schedule on a regular basis . Revise at the same time, it allows you to self-discipline. You’ll be proud to stick with it.
Studying effectively first requires a good environment, a suitable place for you, where you will find the best conditions for optimal concentration, alone or in a group. Then know the revision methods that suit your mode of operation, those that will allow you to acquire a good memorization.

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